Monday, July 22, 2019

Bayer’s purchase of Monsanto is giving the aspirin makers a big headache

By Wolfgang Mulke

The chief executive of the pharmaceutical and chemical giant Bayer is preparing for a tumultuous meeting with his shareholders. They will convey their displeasure about the company’s massive loss in value to Werner Baumann at the corporation’s general meeting on …

The US ridesharing company Uber is facing considerable resistance in Germany

By Martin Gropp

If you’re flying from the United States to Germany and you want to use the American ride-hailing company Uber to get from the airport to downtown, there are two things you need to know: first, you’re going to have to …

Listen up: Huawei, 5G and the new geopolitics

By Daniel Leisegang

The next generation of wireless systems – 5G –
promises to revolutionize our lives. The new mobile communications technology will blow away all current wireless standards and set in place certain pre-conditions for telemedicine, driverless cars and Smart Cities. These …

Climate change is transforming viticulture in Germany

By Nikolas Rechenberg

Vineyards that reach the Baltic Sea? We’ve seen it once before – some 800 years ago. Today’s climate change is bringing warmer and warmer weather to Germany. And accordingly, German winemakers have started moving even further north, all the way …

A very special relationship, Germans and their forest

By Dieter Borchmeyer

Hardly any other German myth has been cited and celebrated as consistently as that of the German forest. In Jacob Grimm’s 1835 publication Deutsche Mythologie (Teutonic Mythology), the author singled out the forest as the specific primordial site of popular …

The wolves are back, and Germans are debating how to reconcile the large, carnivorous predators with the rural economy

By Eckhard Fuhr

At the turn of the millennium, the wolves returned to Germany. On a military training ground in the Lausitz region east of Berlin, a wolf pair was spotted raising pups for the first time in 150 years. In other words, …

What does the “new man” look like? And how will this man live in the future? 100 years ago, the Bauhaus in Weimar began to revolutionize the world of design. A new museum spotlights its work

By Klaus Grimberg

The contemporary being must begin anew, to rejuvenate himself, to achieve a new humanity, a universal lifeform of the people,” wrote architect Walter Gropius emphatically back in 1919. The sentence reveals the brutal disillusionment felt by an entire generation after …

East Germans continue to talk about the indignities they suffered after 1989 while nurturing a victimization myth that absolves them of any responsibility

By Ines Geipel

Laura, age 19, studies theater at a dramatic arts academy in Berlin. Elektra is her greatest role. She stands at the front of the stage: “Hate is nothing. It eats itself up and it’s gone,” she says, directly to the …

Trans-Atlantic Book Review #03

Trans-Atlantic Book Review #03
By Lutz Lichtenberger

There is a whiff of Cold War nostalgia permeating Horst
Teltschik’s book on the geopolitical state of play. But its profound historical underpinnings form the sturdy foundation of Russisches Roulette. Vom Kalten Krieg zum Kalten Frieden (Russian Roulette. …

The great historical gray area

By Lutz Lichtenberger

A new biography of Claus von Stauffenberg, the man who tried to kill Hitler, has reignited a long-running historical debate. It says a lot about the German state of mind

At midnight on July 20, 1944, four men are escorted …

Benjamin Balint has written a book about the long-running “custody battle” over Franz Kafka’s legacy

By Thomas Schuler

This story begins and ends with betrayal – or perhaps redemption, depending on whose perspective you take. For years, the literary legacy of one of the world’s most celebrated writers was stored in a three-room apartment in Tel Aviv and …

After Germany’s early exit at the 2018 Soccer World Cup in Russia, head coach Joachim Löw finally realized it was time to build a new team

By Thomas Kistner

Joachim Loew got his act together just in time. After balking and bristling at calls for change, he’s finally put the German national soccer team on a different track. Whether this proves effective has yet to be seen, but at …

Dirk of yore: After 21 years in the NBA, the great Dirk Nowitzki is calling it quits. A look back at a transcendent career

By Robert Normen

A typical German residential neighborhood at night, cars neatly parked in driveways, all the lights are out, everyone’s asleep, yet in front of one of the houses is a hoop attached to the garage. A very tall and lanky man …

Why Angela Merkel has banned two paintings from the chancellery

Why Angela Merkel has banned two paintings from the chancellery
By Peter H. Koepf

For the chancellor to grace the title page of Germany’s daily newspapers is nothing out of the ordinary. But the cover of the April 5 edition of the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) managed to raise a few eyebrows: Angela Merkel has …

A spike in the number of measles cases in Germany has revived the debate over mandatory vaccinations

A spike in the number of measles cases in Germany has revived the debate over mandatory vaccinations
By Kathrin Zinkant

There are, no doubt, many pediatricians and health experts in Germany today who wish they lived in France. That neighbor to the west recently added eight new names to its list of mandatory immunizations – one of which was the …