Monday, July 22, 2019

Capital look: Coolness is the Berlin fashion scene’s biggest asset

By Julia Hackober

On the eve of Berlin Fashion Week, a group of bloggers, journalists and Berlin celebrities have gathered at Colette, the brasserie run by star chef Tim Raue. They were invited by Vreni Frost, one of Berlin’s first and foremost fashion …

Perfectly suited: Berlin designer Patrick Hellmann is preparing to take Manhattan

By Claudia von Duehren

German perfection, French charm, Moroccan temperament and American modernity – these are the characteristics Patrick Hellmann (64) uses to describe his own designs. But they are also an apt description of this Berlin designer himself. His father was a Berlin …

Berlin: An epic graphic novel

By Jason Lutes

I graduated from art school in 1991 with no clear idea of what to do with my life. I was interested in “alternative” comic books – which is to say, comic books that were not about superheroes – and I …

Berlin Wedding: A district in the process of reinventing itself

By Julia Boek

It’s a typical afternoon in Berlin-Wedding, not far from Leopoldplatz. The radiant early-spring sun is shining down, so much so that the Turkish barber has put a rack of wet towels out on the sidewalk to dry. In contrast, the …

Why Berlin should apply to host the 2036 Olympic Games

Why Berlin should apply to host the 2036 Olympic Games
By Frank Bachner

It was a happy and joyful big-time sports event. “A time to make friends” was the motto of the 2006 Soccer World Cup in Germany. The stadiums were full, the weather was sunny for weeks and the German fans were …

Union Berlin is a soccer club of underdogs, but only the well-behaved, honest and open-minded kind

By Annett Gröschner

It’s a Saturday afternoon in late March. Our destination is a home game at the Alte Försterei stadium, deep in the east of Berlin. The further the S-Bahn takes us in the direction of Köpenick, the more crowded it gets, …

A company is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin

A company is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin
By Magdalena Thiele

Daniel Stammler and Janosch Sadowksi came to Berlin by way of Karlsruhe, the city in southwest Germany where they founded Kolibri, their gaming startup. Stammler and Sadowski see the town as having been an ideal springboard for their business, especially …

Time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Berlin’s Young Euro Classic festival – as well as a number of former participants who’ve made it big

By Peter Uehling

One of the most successful concepts in classical music is turning 20 this year. Back in 2000, the youth orchestra festival known as the Young Euro Classic (YEC) took place for the first time ever in Berlin. From that first …

The Big Apfel: From New York to Berlin – my first 100 days in the German capital

The Big Apfel: From New York to Berlin – my first 100 days in the German capital
By Keenan Brill

“Sorry sir, I asked for an iced coffee, not an ice-cream coffee.” My cup had a huge vanilla scoop in it. “Yes, this is a German *Eiskaffee.* You can have a coffee with ice cubes, but that would be one …

EU elections could become an unlikely battleground for the future of the liberal world order

By Mark Leonard

The Munich Security Conference has grown accustomed to ranking the security threats to the West: Islamist terrorists, Russian revisionism or the global ambitions of China’s big data dictatorship. But today, the most critical challenges come not from outside the West …

“What’s wrong with America First?”

By Anne-Marie Slaughter

As of the beginning of February, nine Democratic candidates had announced a bid for the US presidency; The New York Times estimates that a tenth candidate is “all but certain to run” and identifies three more as “likely to run” …

Authoritarian advantage: The struggle for a liberal world order is occuring not just outside the West but also within it

By Robert Kagan

A character in the Hemingway novel The Sun Also Rises, asked how he went bankrupt, responds, “gradually and then suddenly.” That is a fair description of how the world order collapsed before the two world wars. Unfortunately, Americans and Europeans …

Europeans must forge a new social consensus on foreign policy

Europeans must forge a new social consensus on foreign policy
By Volker Stanzel

A look at Western Europe’s postwar history helps illuminate what served as its foreign policy’s point of departure in the past, and the foundation that undergirds its foreign policy moving forward. We can view the outcome of World War II …

The scramble for Europe

By Stephen Smith

A growing security threat at Europe’s southern borders has remained unacknowledged for almost a century. It has never been conceived in military terms and, I believe, rightfully so. But it has been depoliticized as merely a matter of economic expediency …

The real cyber threat is your likes

By P. W. Singer and Emerson Brooking

All through December 2018, a hacker by the online handle “Orbit” teased and tantalized his followers, releasing a new heap of hacked emails, chatlogs and home addresses each day. At first, German comedians, YouTube stars, rappers and TV stars were …