Sunday, November 17, 2019

Women in Germany are still massively under-represented in positions of leadership in business, politics and culture, but they themselves contribute to this stagnation

By Ingo Kloepfer

They do, in fact, exist – women in leadership positions in Germany. Janina Kugel and Lisa Davis, for example. And, since the beginning of this year, Birgit Bohles. The first two women are board members at Siemens and the third …

German companies are doing well in the US, but Trump’s unorthodox trade policy is producing a “climate of instability”

By Nikolaus Piper

Economically, at least, things are just fine between the United States and Germany. Bilateral trade is flourishing. America is the biggest consumer of German goods worldwide, ahead of France and China. Exports across the Atlantic rose last year by 1.5 …

We often hear that more R&D is necessary to save our climate, but the necessary technologies have long existed – we just have to put them to use

By Marlene Weiß

In 2010, The Washington Post ran a Tom Toles cartoon that regrettably seems to become more and more relevant from year to year. The cartoon depicts researchers in 2060 still searching for a breakthrough technology to solve climate change; what …

Facebook is funding research on media, ethics and innovation. Welcome promotion or damnable colonization of journalism by a tech giant?

By Thomas Schuler

It was a bit of good news, at least for the Rheinische Post: “Facebook is promoting journalists in Germany,” ran a May 2018 headline of the Düsseldorf daily. “Facebook is honoring a pledge to invest in the struggle against …

Daimler bends: How the automaker’s new CEO, Ola Källenius, intends to leads the company into the future

By Martin Gropp

Ola Källenius seemed to be in an almost motionless state as he watched what was likely the most important moment in his career. Roughly 5,000 people had traveled to the annual shareholders meeting in Berlin to witness Daimler CEO Dieter …

China wants to consolidate its emergence as a world power based on the new supercontinent of Eurasia, as the US and the EU look on from the sidelines

By Katja Gloger

The city of Khorgos in Central Asia is a barren steppe. It’s unbearably hot in the summer, and temperatures in the winter can get down to a teeth-chattering minus 40 degrees Celsius. Until a few years ago, this patch of …

When Neil Armstrong, “Buzz” Aldrin and Michael Collins flew to the moon 50 years ago, they used German technology

By Philip Artelt and Nana Brink

Nothing is impossible in the land of opportunity. “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard,” said US President John F. Kennedy in …

Zee Germans & their dogs: Dogs are popular pets all over the world, but there’s something special – one might say odd – about the Germans’ relationship with their four-legged friends

By Bettina Weiguny

In Germany, you can joke about everything,” quipped Peer Steinbrück recently, “except about dog owners.” And Steinbrück, a former German finance minister under Angela Merkel, would know. While still a politician for SPD, he became well known for his quick …

Trans-Atlantic Book Review #04

By Lutz Lichtenberger


In the late 1990s, Heinz Bude became a star German intellectual. The sociology professor wrote an essay published by a small publishing house on low-quality paper: “Generation Berlin” perfectly captured the Zeitgeist. Berlin was the nation’s new …

Harald Jähner’s story of the first 10 years after the demise of the Nazis has mesmerized German readers

Harald Jähner’s story of the first 10 years after the demise of the Nazis has mesmerized German readers
By Lutz Lichtenberger

In March 1952, the German writer Kurt Kusenberg published what today would be called a “think piece” in a newspaper – it’s headline: “Nothing is to be taken for granted. In praise of hardship.” With more than a touch of …

The deadliest border in the world: Europe’s equivalent to the Mexican border is not a wall; it’s water

By Peter H. Koepf

When the catastrophe began, the maritime rescue team on board the Iuventa wasn’t anywhere nearby. In early May, 3,000 people had set out from Africa in several boats and were now floundering helplessly in flimsy dinghies and worm-eaten wooden vessels …

Swimming to Berlin: Their heroic flight from war-torn Syria made the Mardini sisters, Yusra and Sarah, famous all over the world.

By Verena Mayer

Two sisters. Their father is a swimming coach; both started swimming at a very young age. They trained, they competed and their lives were like those of lots of children from ordinary middle-class families. Yet there is nothing ordinary about …

The “Wurst” is over: Berlin has emerged as a hot spot for vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

The “Wurst” is over: Berlin has emerged as a hot spot for vegetarian and vegan cuisine.
By Susanna Glitscher and Eva-Maria Hilker

When Berlin takes time to celebrate its best chefs at the annual Berlin Master Chefs gala dinner, these prize-winning culinary artists are usually asked to do the very thing they’re being honored for: cook. In 2015, Lukas Mraz – head …

With the US as a role model, Berlin is working harder than any other European city to help its homeless. But the capital’s efforts also create a number of problems

By Frank Bachner

The man hit her. He hit her hard and it hurt like hell. But Sabine Müller* accepted the pain. She clung to the illusion that the man who beat her time and again loved her. It was only once he …

It’s understandable that Germany wants to evade the defense commitments demanded by the US

It’s understandable that Germany wants to evade the defense commitments demanded by the US
By Artem Sokolov

Celebrations in Washington marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of NATO have ended with mixed feelings. On the one hand, the North Atlantic Alliance is growing and thriving, and its military might is still a decisive factor in global …