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About us

The publishing house

Since 2004, the Times Media publishing house has printed English-language newspapers and distributed them worldwide, thereby reaching countless global opinion leaders at high-profile institutions and corporations as well as in civil society.

Times Media newspapers regularly feature renowned journalists from German and international media organizations as well as experts and decision-makers drawn from the realms of politics, society, business and science. Our many years of publishing have resulted in a resilient network of authors and readers that have proven their ability to tackle serious and complex issues in the European arena and on the international stage, with a particular emphasis on trans-Atlantic relations.


The German Times

The German Times and The Atlantic Times newspapers have been making a significant contribution to the trans-Atlantic dialogue for the past 15 years.

In light of the current tensions in US-German relations and various other complexities resulting from global economic and technological transformation and affecting both partners to the same degree, it is more important than ever that we face today’s political and societal challenges head-on by means of a strong trans-Atlantic dialogue. This makes it essential that we have fact-based understanding and trust on both sides of the Atlantic.

In March 2018, The Atlantic Times was merged with The German Times, which had previously been published only in Europe.

”The German Times – A TRANS-ATLANTIC NEWSPAPER” will take on the readership and distribution channels of its sister publication and henceforth provide a bridge between Europe and the US.

Deutschlandjahr in the United States, 2018–2019

Oct. 3, 2018 will mark the beginning of what Germany is calling its “Deutschlandjahr in the USA.” In cooperation with the Foreign Ministry in Berlin and the Goethe Institute in Washington, DC, The German Times will publish four special editions in 2018 and 2019.


These issues will seek to showcase a more differentiated and modern image of Germany and the United States, while also aiming to catch the attention of the current and future framers of trans-Atlantic relations. Populist tendencies and burgeoning stereotypes will also be deconstructed in an effort to ensure a stable foundation for the trans-Atlantic relationship throughout the 21st century.