Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Thank you, Mr. President! An obituary for the 41st US President, George H.W. Bush

By Detlef Prinz and Wolfgang Ischinger

With the passing of George Bush the elder, Germany has lost a loyal friend and a committed champion of freedom across the globe. One of the great transatlanticists and an architect of German Reunification, the former US president will always occupy a special place in our history books.

Although he may have be no Abraham Lincoln, or George Washington, or Franklin D. Roosevelt, or even Ronald Reagan, he was a …

America’s retreat and Donald Trump’s refusal to lead are putting the trans-Atlantic alliance at risk

By Theo Sommer

We live in perilous times in an imperiled world. The most dramatic shift of power and wealth since the ascent of the United States to worldwide dominance a hundred years ago puts an end to 500 years of Western (and white) hegemony. China’s rise from international insignificance to global clout is changing the power balance. The Chinese model – capitalism plus authoritarianism – poses a grave challenge to the Western …

Withdrawing from the nuclear deal is a major blunder – the E-3 must pick up the baton

By Volker Perthes

The United States and the European Union have often differed over Middle East policies. The current dispute over Iran, however, which broke into the open with US President Donald Trump’s May 2018 withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or nuclear deal with Iran, goes deeper and could have more far-reaching strategic implications for the trans-Atlantic relationship than previous dis­agreements on how to deal with Tehran or other …

With America-at-Large in retreat, look to America’s states for leadership

By Philip D. Murphy

To say we are living in uncertain times would be a gross understatement.

The structure that had provided generations of global stability and betterment are being upended by a new wave of populism, fed largely by the far-right strains that somehow claim “we” are being hurt by an amorphous “them.” After years of nation-building and economic growth created by international cooperation, some governments are once again embracing insular, self-centered policies …

Germany and the US need to talk. Why a new trans-Atlantic exchange offers a unique opportunity to do so.

By Heiko Maas

At first glance, everything seems pretty much the same. Hollywood movies still attract huge audiences in Germany, even in the smallest towns. American tourists continue to marvel at Heidelberg and Munich. And Germans’ enthusiasm for US culture still seems to be just as strong as the pride with which every sixth US citizen declares they have German roots.

But if we look at the political arena, we have to admit …

The German Ambassador to Washington, Emily Haber, seeks to cultivate the collective

The German Ambassador to Washington, Emily Haber, seeks to cultivate the collective
By Juliane Schäuble

She had to get accustomed to Twitter long before she took up her post in the capital of Twitter king Donald Trump’s empire. Emily Haber shakes her head. The 62-year-old began using the online news and social networking service as a state secretary back in Berlin. But somehow in Washington she must have caught the Twitter bug: the new German ambassador in Washington, who is more impartial to – and …

No longer able to rely on America’s military leadership, the EU is harmonizing its military capabilities and facilities

By Johannes Leithäuser

Nine months ago, most European Union member states took their biggest step yet toward a common European army. It was not, however, a moment that lent itself to easy symbolism: No common European uniform nor common weapons and equipment, nor even a joint high command. Militarily, what the EU now has is rules. They allow for cooperation between individual European states to jointly shape military facilities and capabilities.

At the …

Europe must become more independent, yet cannot forgo its alliance with the US

By Wolfgang Ischinger

The times when we could fully rely on one another are more or less over, so I can only say that we Europeans must take our fate into our own hands.” It was a rather uneven remark, but one that nonetheless resounded like a thunderbolt throughout the Western world. It came from German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a 20-minute speech on a hot Sunday afternoon over beer and pretzels in …

The Germans know what they owe the Americans. But what does that mean for the future?

The Germans know what they owe the Americans. But what does that mean for the future?
By Katja Gloger and Georg Mascolo

One of the low points of the trans-Atlantic relationship can be pinpointed precisely: June 19, 2018, 6:52AM EST. Presumably from his bedroom in the East Wing of the White House, US President Donald Trump clicked “send” in his Twitter app: “Crime in Germany is up 10% plus (officials do not want to report these crimes) since migrants were accepted.”

It sounds like a state conspiracy, one discovered by the American …

Leading a government she did not want and unable to silence her critics, Angela Merkel finds herself in a tough spot

By Günter Bannas

The final years are always the hardest. For nearly 13 years, Angela Merkel has been chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. No current head of government in the Western democratic world has held power longer than this woman from the former East Germany.

Merkel has led her party, the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), for 18 years. Only Helmut Kohl, the chancellor of Reunification, served longer in that office. …