Monday, July 22, 2019

Germany and the US need to talk. Why a new trans-Atlantic exchange offers a unique opportunity to do so.

By Heiko Maas

At first glance, everything seems pretty much the same. Hollywood movies still attract huge audiences in Germany, even in the smallest towns. American tourists continue to marvel at Heidelberg and Munich. And Germans’ enthusiasm for US culture still seems to …

The German Ambassador to Washington, Emily Haber, seeks to cultivate the collective

The German Ambassador to Washington, Emily Haber, seeks to cultivate the collective
By Juliane Schäuble

She had to get accustomed to Twitter long before she took up her post in the capital of Twitter king Donald Trump’s empire. Emily Haber shakes her head. The 62-year-old began using the online news and social networking service as …

Facets of meaning abound – in an ever-changing city. The tale of Berlin today.

Facets of meaning abound – in an ever-changing city. The tale of Berlin today.
By Annett Gröschner

Berlin, Prenzlauer Allee, just behind the Ringbahn subway line. A drunk and staggering, somewhat shabby looking older woman with a sec­ond-hand cigarette butt in the corner of her mouth stretches her left fist into the air and shouts out to …

Germany is neglecting its immigrant children. A polemic.

Germany is neglecting its immigrant children. A polemic.
By Güner Balci

The misgivings harbored by many Germans with regard to migrants are steadfast and long-standing. This will not come as a surprise to anyone who has taken the time to examine the state of migrant integration in German society over the …

TV-series Berlin Babylon is depicting life in the German capital during the Roaring Twenties

By Ursula Scheer

No one evades the undertow of ecstasy, nor the vortex of doom. As the first double-episode of Babylon Berlin comes to a close and the denizens of a packed nightclub throb to the music, entranced and infatuated by the androgynous …

Why a young Berliner at Oxford founded a science publication for refugees

By Paul Ostwald

Sandra Maischberger’s TV talk show in the fall of 2015 was drawing to a close when she gave the last word to a guest from the audience. In nearly accent-free German, Hakim spoke about his studies in Syria, his trek …

German and US companies are among the most important foreign investors in each other’s markets. A trade war is bad for everyone

By Stormy-Annika Mildner

Sighs of relief resonated throughout the German business community when US President Donald Trump and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker agreed on negotiating a EU-US trade deal in late July. In a joint statement, the two leaders decided to work …

Alba’s basketballers are taking the game to the classroom

By Horst Schneider

For Basketball lovers, Moritz Wagner is a household name. But even lesser fans will be hearing the 7-foot center’s name in the future. He has – after a successful college career with the Michigan Wolverines – signed an NBA contract …

Rich and sexy: Booming Berlin is driving up real estate prices

By Tong-Jin Smith

It was one of the last vacant plots in Berlin’s trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg – a prime location nestled between historical buildings and in direct vicinity of shops, restaurants and the heavily frequented U2 subway line. For years the …

How I learned to love the Staatsangehörigkeitsbehörde – and to pronounce it properly

By Gayle Tufts

In 2017, I became a German citizen. The decision to become deutsch was not made lightly and was surprisingly emotional. The American presidential election and my personal abhorrence of Donald Trump played a major role, but my choice was actually …

The wintertime march honoring Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht is a bizarre parade of the pious in eastern Berlin.

By Klaus Grimberg

They’re easy to spot, even at a distance. Retirees bundled up in thick winter jackets and fur hats trudging towards the exit at the Berlin Lichtenberg S-Bahn station. The color spectrum worn by the members of this crowd ranges from …

Berlin is gearing up to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift.

By Jan Kepp

Tempelhof Airport is firmly anchored in the collective memory of (West) Berlin residents first and foremost as the main take-off and landing strip used by the American and British “Rosinenbomber” (transport planes) during the Berlin Airlift 1948-49.This “gateway to the …

No longer able to rely on America’s military leadership, the EU is harmonizing its military capabilities and facilities

By Johannes Leithäuser

Nine months ago, most European Union member states took their biggest step yet toward a common European army. It was not, however, a moment that lent itself to easy symbolism: No common European uniform nor common weapons and equipment, nor …

Europe must become more independent, yet cannot forgo its alliance with the US

By Wolfgang Ischinger

The times when we could fully rely on one another are more or less over, so I can only say that we Europeans must take our fate into our own hands.” It was a rather uneven remark, but one that …

America is different. Germany is, too

America is different. Germany is, too
By Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke talks about the high regard many Americans have for Germans, but also about German anti-Americanism and how the world can overcome nationalism.

The German Times: The German- American relationship has reached a new low point. Do you notice